Who Benefits When We "Party with a Purpose"?

Since our inception "oh so many years ago," the members of our club continue to enjoy the common benefits shared by all in the parrothead club nation:

  • Great music
  • Great memories
  • Great phriends

What we didn't fully appreciate as we were forming was the "ripple-effect" of how our positive efforts benefit those in our local community. It is with a tremendous amount of pride that we say "WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!" Rather than hearing about our efforts from us, however, we'd like you to hear it from some of the people in the organizations we've helped:


Our organization is honored to have the friendship and support of the Dubuque Phlockers. We began our collaboration two years ago when their members generously offered to volunteer at our Oktoberfest event. They are enthusiastic supporters of essential community causes, and their dedication to improving their community is unwavering and steadfast.

This past year we were lucky enough to be chosen by the Dubuque Phlockers to receive the proceeds from their annual 'party with a purpose' event. This tremendous offer, and the truly enjoyable nature of this Jimmy Buffett event, resulted in over 20 of our staff and volunteer advocates wanting to help out. the Dubuque Phlockers continues to top themselves in fundraising as more people learn of their unique party with a purpose annual event, so much so that this event raised $11,000.

This phenomenal event ensured our ability to continue to provide free services for children, women, and men who are survivors of sexual and domestic violence, and our violence prevention educational programming, provided to tens of thousands of schoolchildren each year.


As the Chair of the local Chapter of Make-A-Wish, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting and working side-by-side with the Dubuque Phlockers over the past several years. Each year our chapter hosts a gala in an effort to raise funds to continue to grant wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses within our own community. This event is our largest fundraiser of the year and requires many 'hands-on-deck' to reach our goals.

The Dubuque Phlockers has been such a huge part of this event year in and year out - without them, I can honestly say it would not have been the success it has been. They tirelessly sell raffle tickets, help guests with their coats, network our computers, supervise our checkout process, and engage our guests - and wish children - throughout the evening. They do whatever task is necessary, without question.

Several years ago we attempted to automate our check out process to enhance the experience for our guests. Unfortunately, the process didn't go quite as smoothly as we would have liked. At the end of the evening, a member of the Dubuque Phlockers volunteered his time and efforts to develop a database for us to resolve the issue. He, personally, spent endless hours that we could not begin to repay him for to develop a database that will now be used State-wide for Make-A-Wish events.

In addition to their help with our gala, for three years they held their annual 'Party With a Purpose' and donated all proceeds to Make-A-Wish. In their third year, they were able to raise enough funds to adopt their own wish! It was a great moment for us when we were able to introduce them to the child whose wish they granted! There wasn't a dry eye in the building!

Personally, I can say that Make-A-Wish has been truly blessed to have been 'adopted' by the Dubuque Phlockers and we hope to enjoy the benefits of their generosity for many years to come. They truly exemplify what it means to 'give.'


I would like to just say thank you, to you and the Dubuque Phlockers team for making this opportunity possible to us by adopting Brielle's wish!


The Dubuque Phlockers conducted a fantastic benefit, or 'party with a purpose' in an effort to help us raise money for our organization ["The Camp."] The Camp is a special needs camp located in our community which relies on this type of local support to be able to continue to offer this valuable service to those with special needs. Not only did the money raised allow campers to attend a week long summer camp experience who could not afford to pay the fee, it also gave parents that much needed respite so they could take some time for themselves and the rest of their families without the full time responsibilities of looking after a child with special needs. the Dubuque Phlockers was so very generous to put this event together for the sole purpose of helping others. This kind of generosity is rare and very much appreciated!

The Dubuque Phlockers has also helped us by volunteering at countless on-site fund raisers here at the Camp. The man hours that they put in here at Camp allows us to continue to raise the much needed funds we use to support ourselves. the Dubuque Phlockers has been and continues to be a valuable asset to the Camp and it's mission.


Our Regional Humane Society is very thankful for the continued support that the Dubuque Phlockers has donated to us over the last five years. In 2006, they made their first cash donation to us of a hundred dollars. Over the next two years, they hosted a pair of 'parties with a purpose' that raised $2,500 in cash donations and supplies and followed that last year when they raised and donated over $266 in cash and supplies for our animals.

In addition to the above donations of cash and supplies, members the Dubuque Phlockers have also volunteered their time to serve as judges for several local pet-based Halloween costume contests in the area. Judging about a hundred cute kids with their pets is no easy task! We appreciate all that the Dubuque Phlockers has done for us. They are a great group to work with and we are proud to be associated with them.

Mother Earth

Although she doesn't have a direct voice to express her gratitude, here is what we think she'd say in response to our repeated litter clean-up efforts:

The Dubuque Phlockers continues to look-out for my well-being and I continue to thank them for their efforts towards helping restore the beauty of our local environment for the benefit of others. To them, I say:


Nature lives (life to nature)
Have pity for the Earth (Love the Earth)'

These parrotheads are special people and I cherish every moment of their 'party with a purpose' missions!


As we reflect back over the years, the +500-hours of volunteer service and $40,000 worth of money donated to several local charities pales in comparison to the impact we've made so far to people and environment in our community.

There is an old saying that "hindsight is always 20/20" and that may very well be true. What excites us, however, is the foresight in knowing that there are more good times to come. We will continue to reach out to local charities, make new phriends and party with them along the way. In other words, we're looking forward to creating more events for ourselves and our community to give us more opportunities to "think about the good times [and be] laughin' about all the fun we had!"

So... what makes us special? Without equivocation, it's our core-belief of caring, sharing and demonstrating to our local community that we have and are using, the means necessary "to make our world just a little better than we found it!"