2006 Beach Cleaning - Part I

Members of the Dubuque Phlockers donated over 28 man-hours toward the cleaning of a local beach located on the banks of the Mississippi River and had a tremendously phun time while doing it! See the "Part II" excursion!

On Saturday, September 23, seven members of the club convened at The Yardarm bar, traveled by boat to the beach while listening to ballads of Buffett. In other words, it was the Dubuque emergence of the "Boats, Beaches, Bars and Ballads" tour.

The Pre-cleaning Warm-up

The group collectively removed over 100 pounds of litter and other debris from "1-Mile Beach" and also was able to raise $100 courtesy of Hawkeye Boat Sales that will be going to a charity to be named later. Kirchhoff Distributing also provided refreshments to quench our beach-cleaning thirsts.

Off-loading the Litter We Collected

As if it were an omen, a phlock of American White Pelicans were feeding nearby which gave our efforts a little more meaning (our phlock cleaning up the environment for their flock).

Another Phlock on the Water

In addition to the environmental impacts both locally and downstream from Dubuque, we found the event to be a great bonding experience that will be remembered by members of the phlock for a long time!

The Post-cleaning Warm-down

The Dubuque Phlockers would like to thank (from Fin Left to Fin Right) Ron Markus, Gina Noel, Bob Noel, Chris Sanderfield, Laura Schauer, Barb Markus and Ladd Nelson for contributing their time and resources to this successful project!